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  • Indica Indica
  • THC 24.4%
  • TERPS 1.9%

Triangle Kush

Predominantly Indica, this strain descends from the classic OG Kush, and is known for its potent and relaxing effects.

Pack Date: 2023-12-18

About Triangle Kush

Triangle Kush is a coveted strain that first blossomed in the sunny state of Florida. Predominantly Indica, this strain descends from the classic OG Kush, and is known for its potent and relaxing effects.

Its name derives from Florida's three cannabis-producing capitals: Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa. The strain's aroma is a complex mix of earthy notes, pine, and a hint of citrus, which is mirrored in its subtly sweet yet tangy flavour.

Grower: Black Kettle Farms from Langley, BC


3.5 GRAMS: 1064498

14 GRAMS: 1064499

Terpene Analysis

  • Caryophyllene
    • 0.59%
    • 0.28%
    • 0.27%
  • Linalool
    • 0.59%
    • 0.28%
    • 0.27%
  • Limonene
    • 0.59%
    • 0.28%
    • 0.27%

Certificate of Analysis (COA)


Customer Reviews

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A. (Ottawa, CA)
Black Kettle Farms Triangle Kush 24.4% thc 1.9% terpenes

Black Kettle Farms Triangle Kush 24.4% thc 1.9% terpenes

Today, I will be trying Black Kettle Farms they are a craft grower based in Langley ,BC. Previously, I've tried their Donkey Butter,Blueberry Frost. Today, I'm trying their Triangle Kush it comes from classic og kush lineage. The main terpenes listed on Herbal Dispatch are Caryophyllene 0.59%,Linalool 0.28%,Limonene 0.27%. Packaged December 18th,2023. I purchased two 3.5s bags the price of 33$ before tax off Herbal Dispatch medical.

Opening up my I was presented with small buds around . The buds are on the drier side a bit more than I would like . No spongyness I can find they all have kinda dense feel to them. The buds got even share of green hues with some orange hairs and buds and got good share of tricomes.


Opening up the bags, I get a decent aroma further inspection. After grinding it up, the aroma comes out more. The first note I get is dominate earthy diesel mix. Not soon after, I get some nice notes of strong pine that mix with earthyness. Throughout the whole aroma, I do get background notes of citrus coming through as well. Overall, it's got the classic notes I'm so used to with Og kush lineage, and Triangle Kush aroma profile definitely matches it well.


The first taste I get out of vape is a smooth, strong taste of woodsy notes . As I continued with the taste, I realized it was mixed. The other notes are heavy lemony/citrus notes . I went through the terpenes to make sure I didn't miss any notes . It is a fairly simple terpene profile but smooth and effective. One note I will make is the on exhale. I get some peppery spiced notes . Overall, so far, the flavor like the aroma, the profile definitely matches the lineage to a tee. Overall, it was smooth in the vape but found it slightly harsh in bong and joint slightly nothing too big but definitely something to note .


The effects kick in about 8 mins not too quick like some strains but wouldn't consider a creeper strain either . Around medium potency, I get some nice body buzz all around, leaving nice tingling and slightly numbing a bit . A few mins pass by, and I get some nice uplifting/happy vibes that come around the corner. The potency has slowly built up in this time from medium - medium/moderate to moderate potency . At this point, some more heavier sedating relaxing chill vibes come and finish off the strain. Overall, I quite enjoyed this strain . It had fewer effects than some strains I've tried but potent none the less . As well it has nice slow classic sedating buildup, which was nice with the touch uplifting, leaving you in a nice state of relaxation.


Overall, I enjoyed this offering from Black Kettle Farms with their Triangle Kush. The aroma/effects were on point. I did feel the buds' extra dryness and slight harshness were probably my knocks against it with everything said and done. Overall, I would still recommend this for low - and high tolerance users who focus on the effects as a priority . Low tolerance starts small and works your way up. This strain personally helped me with insomnia,chronic pain,digestive issues, and headaches. It nice sedating indica strain I would recommend for evening or before bed smoke for it sedating properties it'll leave you relaxing but in the meantime the nice touch of uplifting I mentioned before makes it very nice strain to medicate with .Overall, I would rank Triangle Kush, the 2nd best strain I've tried by Black Kettle Farms with Donkey Butter being 1st and Blueberry Frost being 3rd. They are good options, and if you see their strains available, I would recommend giving them a try aside from slight dryness with buds sometimes they check everything off .

As always, I hope this helps, and happy tokes ahead πŸ™πŸ™πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’¨πŸ’¨

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