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  • Hybrid Hybrid
  • THC 30.4%
  • TERPS 3.7%

Hippie Headbanger

Hippie Headbanger is a hybrid cross of Sour Diesel and Biker Kush. Grown in a legacy craft style that's coir grown, cold-cured, and hand-trimmed. Contains: 14 grams

Pack Date: 2023-06-09

About Hippie Headbanger

Hippie Headbanger is a hybrid cross of Sour Diesel and Biker Kush. Grown on Saltspring Island by Magi in a legacy craft style that's coir grown, cold-cured, and hand-trimmed, resulting in a premium flower.

Buds of Hippie Headbanger are light green with pale brown calyxes completely frosted in white resin crystals that are big and chunky. Powerful and pungent smells of fuel, citrus, and musk makes Headbanger a true 'gas'. 

Grower: Magi Cannabis from Salt Spring Island, BC

Contains: 14 grams


BCLDB SKU: 1063090

Terpene Analysis

  • Myrcene
    • 0.93%
    • 0.76%
    • 0.51%
  • Limonene
    • 0.93%
    • 0.76%
    • 0.51%
  • Caryophyllene
    • 0.93%
    • 0.76%
    • 0.51%

Certificate of Analysis (COA)


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Leonard V. (Morinville, CA)

Hippie Headbanger

A. (Ottawa, CA)
Golden Spurce Hippie Headbanger (Magi Cannabis) 30.4% thc 0.6%Cbg 3.7% terpenes

Golden Spurce Hippie Headbanger (Magi Cannabis) 30.4% thc 0.6%Cbg 3.7% terpenes


Today, I'm reviewing the Golden Spruce line of Herbal Dispatch, and the strain is Hippie Headbanger. It was grown by craft growers Magi Cannabis in Saltspring Island BC. Hippie Headbanger is a mix of Sour Diesel and Biker Kush. This strain is coming in at 30.4% thc ,0.6 % Cbg ,3.7% terpenes . The dominant terpenes listed on Herbal Dispatch medical site are Myrcene 0.93%,Limonene 0.76%, Caryophyllene 0.51. This can was packaged 2023-06-09 in a 14 gram can it cost 129.95$ on sale currently before tax .

I opened up my can, and to my suprise, I found some nice spongy sticky buds for this being packaged almost 8 months . Afterward, I transferred the buds to a jar . They have nice hues of light green with few darker green hues with a lot of orange pistils. The buds were covered in tricomes throughout. Overall, I was impressed with well stored and packaged product.

Opening up the can I was surprised I was hit with nice smell that when broke up grinder became more proiment. After leaving in jar, the first notes I get after busted up a bud . I get nice, subtle, sweet notes in the background . Followed by citrusy/diesel notes mixed with musky/pine very kush like . As I'm rounding out the aroma, I get earthy mixing with those musky skunk notes.Overall, it was a nice aroma and a very enjoyable terpene mix.


First inhale simliar to aroma I get some very nice sweet citrus notes. As I continued with the inhale, I got some diesel mixed with earthy/skunk terpenes . On the exhale, I could taste piney/woodsy notes in the background. It is a very nice representation of it og kush lineage and sour diesel, but do notice the Og kush lineage coming out nicely in flavor of the strain. Overall, it was very smooth smoke through any method I tried and was nice in joint and got diesel & skunk aftertaste .


The effects start around 7 mins like a creeper strain. After inhaling, I get a creative mindset with cerebral head high starting coming in around medium potency and slowly building up. After about 10 mins passed, I got nice buildup to medium/moderate potency with some nice euphoria effect coming into the mix. Not too long after, it goes up to moderate level and adds nice relaxing happiness over you like blanket not overly sedating but promient effect to mix in with the heady high.
Overall, I'm quite impressed by this strain. The delayed onset was definitely a creeper strain trait.


Overall, I can say I'm impressed with the quality of grower Magi Cannabis out of Saltspring Island BC .First, with their Salty Pink,Chemdawg OG pre roll ,Love Haze, and now the Hippie Headbanger .I'm looking forward to trying their Pine Tar White Truffle,Timmy's Og Shark, in the future. Also, Golden Spurce/Herbal Dispatch did a nice job with packaging and storing job to keep it stored and delayed any onset of degrading thc. For an older package date, it was still fresh. This strain I recommend as daytime/evening strain for low and high tolerance users .It gives that creative/cerebral head high some look for during the day but also it's sedating enough if you just want to relax the day away and but not being in total couchlock or sleepy vibes while also keeping you happy mood throughout and be overall relaxing chill strain. This has personally helped me with chronic pain exclusively towards my post concussion syndrome. As well it is great for mood lifters/aniexty helper and nausea or stomach issues .

Hope this helps, and happy tokes ahead 🙏🙏🔥🔥💨💨

D.O. (Winnipeg, CA)
Really good weed

The buds come out sticky and fresh like they were packed yesterday, not over 6 months ago. The grind is extremely sticky, with a nice mild sweet and piney smell from it.

The smell mostly translates to the taste in the vape, but more of a musk with the sweet and pine notes coming through.

This is really good cannabis. Some of the freshest feeling product I’ve had from the legal market so far.

Douglas O. (Winnipeg, CA)
Nice and Fresh

I really enjoyed this one, super fresh and sticky from the dab, but it didn’t have as much nose as I would have liked. What was there was really nice though.

Mike (Sydney, CA)
Perfect all around

Looks amazing and potent smoke. Love the cans. They're all great!

maxx (Saskatoon, CA)

This strain is an All-Star-Hall-Of-Famer.
Zee Bezst!
Keep it coming!

J. (Edmonton, CA)
Great Flower

The potency, cure and flavour are all great. The can keeps it fresh and not dried out. Great buy.

Brian P. (Richmond Hill, CA)
My fav sativa

This is my new fav Sativa. I have had holden spruce from 3 different LP’s now and the quality is outstanding

Bryan H. (Lethbridge, CA)

Hippie Headbanger

B.P. (Richmond Hill, CA)
This is like ESPRESSO

WOW definitely on the Sour D side of this hybrid. Taste a bit of the Biker Kush on the exhale. This hits hard, and gives a great energetic, and trippy boost to your day. For me, it’s definitely a morning or early afternoon strain. Great at 420 lol

About Golden Spruce Cannabis

A new chapter has begun.

Golden Spruce is coming home to Herbal Dispatch and brining some of the legendary farmers with them. True organic quad cannabis will be served up once again in old school tuna tins. Sealed with humidity packs after the long cure and ready for speedy delivery.

Golden Spruce is a tip of the hat to the Haida Gwaii and the Haida people who thrived on the West Coast for thousands of years. The Golden Spruce was a rare and unique golden coloured giant that seemed to almost glow from its beauty.

In our opinion, the best of the best flowers are simply the Golden Spruce’s of cannabis. We are humbled to have the opportunity to serve up the community of quality cannabis enthusiasts once again. The new market is transparency. Let’s show the rest of the world what legends are made of.

Cured For The Cannoisseur.

The Art of Curation: How Golden Spruce is Setting the Standard For Quality Cannabis