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  • Indica Indica
  • THC 22.3%
  • TERPS 1.8%

Donkey Butter

Donkey Butter, an indica dominant hybrid bred by Exotic Genetix is a cross of very potent Triple OG with Grease Monkey. This highly potent cultivar smells like diesel mixed with skunk, with dominant earthy notes and a pinene finish.

Pack Date: 2023-12-08

About Donkey Butter

Donkey Butter, an indica dominant hybrid bred by Exotic Genetix is a cross of very potent Triple OG with Grease Monkey. This highly potent cultivar smells like diesel mixed with skunk, with dominant earthy notes and a pinene finish.

The buds are olive green and purple, with the colour offset by a thick coating of silvery crystal trichomes and orange pistils. Donkey Butter is a specialty over at Black Kettle Farms, and connoisseurs will not be disappointed.

Grower: Black Kettle Farms in Langley, BC


3.5 GRAMS: 1064496

14 GRAMS: 1064497

Terpene Analysis

  • Caryophyllene
    • 0.51%
    • 0.33%
    • 0.26%
  • Limonene
    • 0.51%
    • 0.33%
    • 0.26%
  • Farnesene
    • 0.51%
    • 0.33%
    • 0.26%

Certificate of Analysis (COA)


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
S.E. (Vancouver, CA)

Really nice a tad dry but good

A. (Ottawa, CA)
Black Kettle Farms Donkey Butter 22.4%

Black Kettle Farms Donkey Butter 22.4% thc via (Herbal Dispatch)


Today, I'm trying Black Kettle Farms Donkey Butter through Herbal Dispatch. I grabbed 14 grams for 109.95$ before tax. Black Kettle Farms is a craft grower based in Langley ,BC. Donkey Butter is a mix of Grease Monkey and Triple Og . This strain is coming in at 22.4% thc and 1.8% terpenes. It was packaged Dec 11 ,2023. The dominant terpenes are Caryophyllene 0.51%,Limonene 0.33%,Farnesene 0.26% listed on herbal dispatch site.

There was a mix of small/medium buds ,touch dry side ,with some dark green hues and purple in their . The buds were frosty and had a nice appearance and structure they were few broken bits of buds, nothing to concern. After sitting the mason jar, the buds retain some spongyness, which was nice to see .

Opening up bag, I had a bit of muted smell, so I waited after a day or two I left it in an unopened mason. After I came back opening the jar, the aroma did come back . The first notes I get are musky/skunk aroma it mixed with nice herbal/diesel with some spiced aroma in the background . As I continued, the earthyness came in to have a mix of aroma of earthy/skunk/diesel notes. I'm trying to pick up on other notes. I do get some of the foresty pine aroma finishing it off. It really shows of its grease monkey lineage well but also nice touch of triple og with heavy earthyness coming out in this strain.


Grabbing a bud a grinding it up into vape . After it heating up the first notes, I taste are of strong musky/diesel notes. As I continue, I get notes subtle spiced/herbal notes that mix with nice earthy/pine on the exhale. Overall, it was a great smoke and smooth one with no harshness in any method I chose to use to inhale whether it was bong ,vape ,or joint


After 5 mins passing, I'm hit with medium/moderate potency right away . I'm hit with the effects of overwhelming uplifting/happy vibes that just melt aniexty away.Not too long after this overwhelming relaxing body buzz starts with calmness and just blissfulness. The potency cranks up to a moderate level about 15 mins after first initial inhale .Where those relaxing vibes start turning into great couchlock, feeling that eventually leads into a sleepy state . Overall, I am quite impressed with strain and it sedating and relaxing properties.


This is my first strain I have tried by Black Kettle Farms and will say I am quite impressed with strain personally and the growers themselves as well. It checks out all the boxes in what I want personally from a strain . It sedative properties make this the perfect strain from my personal experience with aniexty,insomnia, and ptsd as well as chronic pain. It is a great mood lifter and melts aniexty while also helping with pain, just great overall all around strain that kinda do bit of everything while be potent strain with some great lineage . I recommend grabbing some through Herbal Dispatch if your a medical patient, they are worth a try . I also will be reviewing their Blueberry Frost strain grown also by Black Kettle Farms.

Hope this helps, and happy tokes ahead πŸ™πŸ™πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’¨πŸ’¨

D. (Vaughan, CA)
Body high

At first I thought this high was kind of lacking. But after sitting on it for a bit I found to be extremely relaxed and tranquil without any heavy head stimulation , which is kind of nice for a change. Not a very euphoric high, but a nice mellow one. Nugs are nice and round , golf ball style , very appealing. Burned clean and was smooth and enjoyable to smoke. No harshness. Also enjoyed this indica as it did not burn me out , it was not strong enough to knock me right to sleep so I got to enjoy the high longer.

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