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  • Indica
  • THC 28.2%
  • TERPS 5-6%

Crunch Berries

Crunch Berries – also known as Crunchberry, Crunch Berry Kush or Captain Crunch – is an indica dominant hybrid owing its distinct sweet berry aroma to its parent, the award winning Blueberry (Cannabis Cup 2000). Contains: 14 grams

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About Crunch Berries

Crunch Berries – also known as Crunchberry, Crunch Berry Kush or Captain Crunch – is an indica dominant hybrid grown by Sweet Grass Cannabis, a collective of growers from the Kootenay region of BC.

It has a distinct sweet berry aroma similar to its parent, the award winning Blueberry (Cannabis Cup 2000). The nose on this cultivar is a scintillating tangy/sour affair infused with touches of vanilla, fresh hazelnuts and pine. The flavour is a remarkable fruity bouquet that leaves a pleasant after-taste reminiscent of your favourite childhood cereal.

The high is energizing and euphoric and gradually drifts off towards a chilled out haze as it runs its course. With a state of relaxation being the guaranteed end game here, users recommend that Crunch Berries best be indulged in towards the end of the day.

GROWER: Sweet Grass Cannabis
GENETICS: Triple OG  X  Blueberry
AROMA: Berry, herbal, pine, spicy, sweet, vanilla
FLAVOUR: Sweet, berry, herbal, pine
EFFECTS: Creative, happy, euphoric, relaxing, peaceful

Contains: 14 grams


BCLDB SKU: 1058965

Certificate of Analysis (COA)


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Robin Knight
Daylight review

The Golden Spruce products have been amazing! Super fresh and amazing quality. Smokes so nicely and its such a treat.

Andrew Said
Golden Spruce/SweetGrass Cannabis Crunch Berries 32.5% thc 5.1% terpenes Review

Brand/Strain: Golden Spruce Crunch Berries is grown by SweetGrass cannabis.Crunch Berries is mix of Triple Og and Blueberry. This batch is coming in at 32.5% thc and 5.1% terpenes. Packaged 2022-12-19 Batch 220002 Price/Cost: 14 grams of Crunch Berries came in a tin can at 149.95$ before taxes or any discounts Herbal Dispatch offers . Weight: Unfortunately could not weigh item still in process of getting scale . Aroma/Scent: This batch dominate terpenes are Mycrene 2.61%,Farnesene 0.65%,Caryophyllene 0.46% . First aroma I smelled was of strong fruity and earthy tones which makes sense with high Mycrene stronger earthy notes vs fruity notes As I continued I pick aroma of earthy notes still but some piney aroma must be Farnesene a Mycrene at play . I do notice sweet spiced notes most likely vanilla that was mention in description from sweet grass on Herbal Dispatch site. At the ending at bit Caryophyllene must be coming through with those spiced notes. Overall great potent aroma and have no complaints. 5/5 Appearance/Structure: The buds were mainly large buds and few medium buds. Very caked and tricomes were sticking to my fingers. Great hues of green on these buds and very sticky fresh buds 5/5 Trim/Cut: Trim is great no sugar leaves. Buds are kept together not broken up and shows off great Trim job. 5/5 Vape/Flavour/Taste: As I tasted first hit on vape at 355 °F I tasted sweet berries touch of sweetness increase as temperature in vape did. I continued I tasted sweet tones more but earthy tones but almost woodsy with hints of pine coming through . The sweet notes although smell vanilla font come through as vanilla flavour almost comes out as berry candy taste slightly. Overall the flavour comes through strong and enjoyable experience . 5/5 High/Effect I started smoking 10 mins had passed . I find crunch berries effecfs come off as a simple high. Very creative mindset kicks in and not soon after happy, uplifting vibes leave you calm and vibing . As more time passes I get whole body relaxation like tingle or slight numbness made me feel like couch lock but not quite. It does progress eventually into nice couch lock afterwards The effects of this strain are great all around good for multie ailments I found of course of using this strain. I used it with success for chronic pain,isonmnia, mood lifter and even appetite stimulate. 5/5 Final Conclusion: Overall my experience with this strain was amazing the price was little on higher end but if struggle to find a strain that can help for your medical purposes. This may be worth it even at its current price point . It good all around strain but very potent so keep an eye on consumption depending on your tolerance as cannabis user. My final score I would give this out of 5 would be 5/5 This is probably one of the freshest,more potent strains on legal side. The care and effort put into the product shows and tip my hat to people at sweetgrass cannabis keep up great work As always hope this helps and happy tokes ahead 👍👍🙏🙏🔥🔥💨💨


The bud size was amazing in my batch ! Extremely fresh ,packaged a week ago, that’s what I call farm to bong 😅 amazing all around

Michael M
Just wow

If you like quality smoke you def want to try the golden spruce line very potent and very strong nose to it there isn’t to much on here that I’m not a fan of but these ones are def over the top nice big nugs n solid lots of trichomes you need to try these for yourself.


This strain is just amazing. I have now tried mint chocolate chip and now crunch berries. The crunch is my favourite. It's more indica leaning with amazing body tingles . It's like you are vibrating. The smell on this one is unreal . Don't get me wrong mint chocolate chip is unreal just more 50/50 hybrid. I'm an indica guy so Crunch felt more potent to my liking . You are heavily medicated with Crunch but functional. Like I know I'm baked but if I need to do somethi g I still can. The high is fantastic . Don't expect a couchlock high though. Just super potent but functional in a nonfunctional way 😂. Best way to put it. It's great stuff

About Golden Spruce Cannabis

A new chapter has begun.

Golden Spruce is coming home to Herbal Dispatch and brining some of the legendary farmers with them. True organic quad cannabis will be served up once again in old school tuna tins. Sealed with humidity packs after the long cure and ready for speedy delivery.

Golden Spruce is a tip of the hat to the Haida Gwaii and the Haida people who thrived on the West Coast for thousands of years. The Golden Spruce was a rare and unique golden coloured giant that seemed to almost glow from its beauty.

In our opinion, the best of the best flowers are simply the Golden Spruce’s of cannabis. We are humbled to have the opportunity to serve up the community of quality cannabis enthusiasts once again. The new market is transparency. Let’s show the rest of the world what legends are made of.

Cured For The Cannoisseur.