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Atlas Tri Cross Feminized Seeds

A cross of Weathered Island's master donor for mould resistance and their quick-finishing auto Cotton Candy, Top Gun is an auto that finishes so fast it will help you outmaneuver bad weather and pests.

Pack Date: 2023-02-24

About Atlas Tri Cross Feminized Seeds

With gassy sweet aromas of currants and citrus, the TriCross variety has a consistent structure. An efficient leaf to bud ratio gives you maximum usable material, winning this hybrid the prize for post-harvest champion.

Frosty finished nugs and debatably the best nose. For those of you who haven’t given autos a shot yet this will be the hybrid that will win you over for good. Lineage influence is Mythic OG crossed with Field Cookies and Gravenstein.

THC: 18-24%
Terpenes: 2-4%
Terpene Flavours: Candy, Fuel


4 SEEDS: 1062217

8 SEEDS: 1062221

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Jason o.d.H. (Vancouver, CA)

Atlas Tri Cross Feminized Autoflower Seeds

About Weathered Islands

If you know Texada Island, you know Weathered Islands Craft Cannabis. Weathered Islands is a small-scale, family-run cannabis nursery and micro producer, breeding high-quality genetics and small-batch craft flower. They believe genetics are the most important part of the end customer's experience with unique fragrances, expressive terpenes and hardiness shining through in the finished product.

Weathered Islands' facility is 100% outdoor and off-grid, creating zero environmental impact. Finished products benefit from all of the high-quality, natural garden inputs available on the island, including living soil, seaweed, compost and indigenous microorganisms.

Texada Island has long been a central destination for cannabis in Canada, drawing in cannabis enthusiasts from around the world. Connoisseurs and industry professionals have likened Texada to Humboldt County, known the world over as one of the epicentres of cannabis.