From Patients, For Patients: The Nature's Nu Story

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From Patients, For Patients: The Nature's Nu Story

From Patients, For Patients: The Nature's Nu Story

Imagine a world where relief and wellness are cultivated naturally, where every drop of therapy is a fruit of labour born from understanding and experience. That's the story of Nature's Nu.

Our journey began as patients seeking solace in the therapeutic embrace of cannabis. Frustrated with the lack of high-quality, patient-centric products, we turned our quest into our mission: to create the purest cannabis oils that not only deliver therapeutic power but also honour the natural essence of the plant.

Inspired by our namesake, the "Nu," which symbolizes the transparent and untouched nature of our offerings—nude, naked, all-natural. We are pioneers, cultivators of a new era in cannabis medicine, and it's our honour to welcome you into the world of Nature's Nu.


The Nu difference: Purity meets potency

Fiercely committed to purity, potency, and the patient experience, Nature's Nu emerges from a legacy of quality and trust. Our products are rooted in a deep understanding of the therapeutic potential of cannabis and a respect for its natural healing properties.

We go beyond just delivering relief; we deliver an experience that is as close to the plant's essence as possible by adhering to the strictest benchmarks of production:

• Cryo-ethanol extraction: A superior, low-temperature extraction (minimum -40 degrees) to reduce fats, lipids and contaminants.

• Lenticular filtration: The gold standard of filtration, ensuring unparalleled purity and potency.

• Wiped-film evaporation: This state-of-the-art distillation process removes any remaining impurities and produces highly concentrated oils with consistent potency.

• GMP & GPP Standards: Cultivating source plants and extracting oils in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Production Practices (GPP).


Nu products: A symphony of four formulations

CBD:THC 300 Oil

When it comes to delivering relief and wellness, one size does not fit all. Understanding the diverse needs of patients, we have carefully curated four formulations, each tailored to specific therapeutic outcomes:

CBD 500 Oil: A pure, potent blend of high-grade CBD oil derived from organic hemp plants. Perfect for managing chronic pain and inflammation.

CBD 1000 Oil: A stronger version of our CBD 500 Oil for individuals who require a higher concentration of CBD for greater relief.

THC 900 Oil: Our signature THC formulation, crafted to deliver powerful pain relief and relaxation.

CBD:THC 300 Oil: A harmonious blend of CBD and THC in equal proportions, offering a versatile solution for both medical and recreational users.


Unveil your natural state of well-being

Join us on a voyage to well-being with Nature's Nu. Embrace the natural, therapeutic powers of cannabis, wrapped in the purity you deserve.

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For relief, for wellness, for you.